Best Mattress For Sore Back

Best Mattress For Sore Back Reviews 2022

If you are a person who suffers from a sore back, then you understand the struggle of trying to find a mattress that will ease your discomfort. But what causes your lower back pain in the first place? This can be any number of factors, such as an old mattress, not enough physical activity, or just genetics. In this article, we will be going over the best mattress for sore back reviews to try and determine which one you have been looking for.

In this article, we’ll go over what’s available in the market regarding mattresses for lower back pain. We also look at some general guidelines regarding how to choose a good one for yourself.

Top Picks for Best Mattress For Sore Back 

1.Sweetnight Breeze 10 Inch Queen Size Mattress-Infused Gel Memory Foam Mattress

 Sweetnight Breeze 10 Inch Queen Size Mattress-Infused Gel Memory Foam Mattress is made of Certipur-US Certified foam, healthy for you. Breathable fabric cover is helpful to move both heat, queen mattress with 3 zone layers targets body’s different stress points,helps your body align.You can experience the best sleep ever on this high quality and comfortable bedding set! The gel infused memory foam regulates temperature automatically keeping you cool all night long while the breathable fabric cover keeps moving heat away from your body so that you stay nice and comfy throughout the night. This queen size mattress also has three zone layers that target specific pressure points in your back and neck to help align them properly while sleeping! It’s time to get rid of those old mattresses that are causing aches and pains every morning when you wake up and replace them with this Sweetnight Breeze mattress!

  • It is CertiPUR-US certified for being free of harmful chemicals and foams.
  • The cover on the mattress can also be removed and washed as needed.
  • The mattress adjusts to your body weight, temperature, and position so that you don’t feel a thing! You will experience a cooler sleep with this bedding set.
  • Some customers have reported seeing mild imprints from them sleeping on the bedding set despite its contouring abilities

2.Signature Design by Ashley Chime 10″ Firm Memory Foam Mattress

A heavenly combination of comfort and support that conforms to your form and recharges you every morning. It’s made of memory foam that molds to your shape, as well as support foam that relieves pressure points on your body… You can even enjoy the soothing touch of premium stretch knit cover! With just one hand, you may easily access material at the top of the screen without changing your grip or hands. There is currently no other product like it on the market. It’s not only a fantastic device, but it’s also an unforgettable experience that you can have every day of your life.The mattress is constructed with memory foam that conforms to your body, while support foam relieves pressure points.Back and stomach sleepers will appreciate the amount of support this mattress provides. Back and stomach sleepers will benefit from a thick layer of firm foam, which provides enough back and stomach support. It is 60″ W x 79.5″ D x 10″ H and fits most queen bed frames.

  • Memory foam contours to the body and relieves pressure pointsSupport foam relieves pressure points
  • Soothing memory foam with a thick layer of firm foam for back and stomach sleepers
  • Measures 60″ W x 79.5″ D x 10″ H and is compatible with most queen bed frames
  • It has some chemical smell at first but goes away after a couple days

3.Coolvie 10 Inch Queen Size Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

Coolvie 10 inch Queen Size Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress is the ideal alternative for you. It’s constructed of comfy memory foam and sturdy independent pocket coils that are considered to be medium firm. The quilted top of this mattress is soft to touch and skin friendly, while the knitted fabrics are breathable and help absorb moisture and balance temperature. You can rest assured that there is NO fiberglass inside! Foams with CertiPUR-US certifications meet stringent safety and quality criteria set by the EPA, as well as being free of hazardous substances and other heavy metals, making them safe for everyone, including the elderly and younger children.

If you want a good night sleep without waking up in pain or discomfort every morning then Coolvie 10 inch Queen Size Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress is just what you need! This mattress will give your body support where it needs it most so that your muscles can relax during sleep time.  It has a soft quilted top and one side of the cover is made from knitted fabrics, which are breathable to prevent your body from overheating.In addition, there is an added gel-infused memory foam in the comfort layer so you can be guaranteed that this mattress will keep you cool during hot nights.

  • Coolvie 10 inch Queen Size Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress allows for better circulationBoosts blood flow
  • Allows muscles to relax without extra pressurePromotes a healthier sleepCons
  • Some people say that they have experienced back pain after sleeping on it for over a month or two

4.Novilla 10 inch Gel Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress

For individuals who want to get a good night’s sleep, the Novilla 10 inch queen size mattress is ideal. This memory foam mattress has 4 layers of all-foam construction with gel infused memory foamposites to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. 30% greater breathability is enhanced by bamboo textiles in the surface The middle layer is made to channel extra air through all parts of this queen-size foam mattress. Mattresses are manufactured in the United States!

You can enjoy your best sleep ever on our 10 inch queen size mattresses that come with free shipping within US mainland states (Hawaii & Alaska excluded). They offer 100 nights risk free trial period so you can try it out at home before making up your mind about buying one. If you’re not satisfied, just return it within 100 days and get a full refund NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Be sure to have a look at our memory foam mattress reviews on for this product or any other that interests you from us.

  • 100 nights risk free trial periodNatural products made with CertiPUR-US Certified foams
  • No chemicals used in making the mattressLonger durability compared to other mattresses
  • Loose top layer is 7″ thick while base layer is 14.5″High density memory foam offers good support
  • People who are sensitive to smells might be bothered by this mattress’s smell

5.Casper Sleep Element Mattress

: The Element is the perfect mattress for anyone who wants to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on their day. It’s designed to give you a comfortable night of sleep so that when your alarm goes off, you feel like yourself again. We want everyone to have the best night of sleep possible, which is why we offer a 100-night trial and free returns within 100 days of receipt of shipment. If it doesn’t work out for any reason, just send it back! You can also visit our website today if you would like more information about Casper Sleep Elements or other products from us!

 With an open cell memory foam top layer that contours perfectly to your body, this mattress will help relieve pressure points while still providing support where needed most. You’ll stay less hot at night with AirScapeTM perforated breathable foam, which increases airflow and circulates air.The tiny holes move hot air away from your body as well as body heat so that there’s no need for tossing and turning all night long in search of comfort. And finally, the durable base foam is engineered specifically not only prevent sinking but also sagging over time while supporting your whole body throughout every position imaginable during slumber time! Visit our website today if interested in learning more about how Casper can improve your life by improving the quality of sleep each person gets each night!

  • Designed to help the body relax & relieve pressure points
  • Tiny holes in top layer of foam evacuate heat away from your body
  • Proprietary Eco-friendly, high density base foam keeps its shape over time
  • Longer durability compared to other mattresses with similar specs
  • You might feel hot at night when you sleep on it if you don’t have AC on

Things to consider before buying Mattress For Sore Back

1. Size Of Bed

If you are getting a new mattress to replace an old one, its size should be almost the same as the previous one. If there is a considerable difference in length and width, it might make your body uncomfortable which will lead to more back pain.

2. Mattress Density

Before buying any memory foam mattress remember that density of this type of mattress matters a lot especially if you are investing in some good quality product that will last for years. It’s recommended to buy products with density rated between 3-5 lbs/cubic feet because these numbers show how well the bed is built and what kind of materials used on it. Anything below or above those specs won’t give expected comfort for longer periods of time.

3. New Mattress Smell

Many people complain about new mattress smell and this issue is very common among memory foam mattresses, especially those that use chemicals in their production processes. Some products tend to get aired out faster than others but you can try it at home before making decision of returning. If wood base is used with memory foam, the smell will dissipate rather fast because of natural ingredients used during its production and ventilation holes that allow air to circulate more freely.

4. Motion Isolation

If sleeping with a spouse or moving while sleeping bothers you then buy a mattress that has better motion isolation properties so your movements don’t disturb other person’s sleep which might lead him/her not feeling rested for work the next day. Mattresses that use layers of memory foam with special transition materials between them are great for isolating motion since they don’t transfer energy back and forth making each person feel unmoved while the other one moves.

5. Heat Retention

Heated mattress pads or memory foam mattresses often run hotter than most spring, latex or hybrid models because most of them contain chemicals that make your body heat up faster which you need to consider if you are buying new bedding product online. Memory foam is made after taking temperature readings so this might be an issue with some products but not all so it’s always good idea to check reviews first before buying something expensive like mattress on internet without having chance to test it out first.

6. Mattress Thickness

While getting a new memory foam mattress, it’s important to consider the thickness you need because some brands might make their beds too thick for you to enjoy its benefits or they might be too thin and won’t last as long as other more expensive models with denser foams. Usually these products come in standard sizes like Twin, King, Queen and California King so make sure your bed is big enough for a new model or replace older one if needed before buying online. There are also good alternatives that provide similar support but have slimmer profile such as Therapedic Deluxe Cool Breeze Memory Foam Mattress which comes in various sizes including split king. Also check out Green Memory Foam Pillow from Ojai Energetics that comes in standard sizes.

7. Durability Compared To Price

Mattresses are usually the most expensive piece of furniture you will buy for your home so it’s important to invest wisely in the quality material that will last long and provide proper support while minimizing back problems or other issues related to pressure on softer areas of body. While some people might say cheaper is better, they don’t know what durability means if they haven’t used certain memory foam mattress with special construction that provides stable support without sinking too deep into its surface when lying down on it. You can find many durable products made from high-quality materials with density rated at least 4 lbs/cubic feet because these specs give perfect balance between firmness and softness.


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